Publication Services: Professional Ad Management

The key to a successful advertising program is to make it easy for your advertisers to work with you. With almost a decade of experience, we know what works and what doesn't work. Let MediaMate help you design the right media kits and processes so your advertisers come back again and again. 

Media Kit Pricing & Design

Your media kit says a lot about you and is often the first introduction an advertiser has to you. We'll help you design the right media kit for your publication so you can easily build your advertising clientele.


Creative File Collection & Inspection

 We’ll take care of making sure the creative work that comes from the advertisers meet your media kit guidelines before we pass it on to you. If any changes need to be made, MediaMate will manage the modifications with the advertisers so you can concentrate on all the other aspects of creating a great newspaper.


Streamlined Ad Delivery

We’ll make sure your ads get to you on time and in the right format so both you and your advertisers get the most from your relationship.


Personalized Account Management

Every MediaMate customer is assigned an Account Manager, whose mission is to provide personalized and professional service. Your Account Manager understands your program goals, your process, and your budget… and works within those parameters to make sure your advertising program is successful.

Email Marketing

Need to get the word out beyond your publications? We can help you with that. As seasoned advertising and marketing professionals, we know the value of good communication skills in today’s online medium. We can help you tailor your message and format it in a way that appeals to your recipients.

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