Ashley Nelson

The Lantern Semester Internship

Ashley Nelson, Advertising Account Executive
Class of 2017, The Lantern

"During the 2016 spring semester, I interned with MediaMate as an Advertising Account Executive for The Lantern at The Ohio State University. In my position, I was taught how to engage in advertising sales, the different aspects of an advertising media kit, as well as recording clients and deals in a pipeline system.

Each week, I met with my supervisors to discuss updates for the week as well as learn a new training topic involved with advertising sales. I enhanced my communication skills by professionally interacting with prospective clients. I became proficient in seeking out a client’s advertising qualifications, expectations, and goals. I also learned how to handle rejection and dismissal from potential customers by tactfully investigating the reason for rejection and offering problem solving alternatives. I had great experience handling client concerns and resolving client conflicts. For example, a client I dealt with contacted me expressing that he had missed an important deadline. I was able to professionally help him calm him and resolve his concerns quickly. Additionally, this internship enhanced my ability to work well within a deadline and accomplish tasks in a timely fashion.

During my internship with MediaMate, I learned all aspects of an advertising media kit. Very shortly after beginning the internship, I was able to proficiently interpret and relay information to potential clients from the media kit. Some specific aspects I learned that I had not known before included terms such as PCI (per column inch) and CPM (cost per thousand). These terms helped me evaluate prices for clients interested in web advertising and special-sized advertisements.

In order for my supervisors to track my activity, I was taught how to use a pipeline system to record client information and correspondence. The system we utilized was called "Zoho"; it allowed me to record business information, contact information, meetings, emails, phone calls, as well as the stage in which the deal was progressing. This software made it easy for me to see what businesses other interns were engaging with and also access past sales completed with businesses I was working with.

Overall, my internship experience at MediaMate was very valuable and ultimately, has set me up for success in future work experiences. In addition to demonstrating proficiency in advertising sales, I gained experience working in a professional position, engaging with clients, and utilizing a pipeline system to work successfully with others. I am thankful for my experience and excited to utilize the skills I learned in future endeavors."