Local Advertising Sales Training at The Ohio State University

I really love traveling to our schools. Nothing gets me amped like the opportunity to visit a college campus! Every semester, I travel to our schools and train students to sell advertising to local businesses and on-campus departments. This is one of the most exciting aspects of my job, as I love sales and I have a secret passion for teaching.

On February 25th, I traveled to Columbus, Ohio and trained three Student Sales Representatives for The Lantern, the student newspaper at The Ohio State. As soon as I arrived, the students were excited to start training, so we began reviewing the media kit and discussed how to develop proposals for potential advertisers. We also chatted about ways our reps could search for new advertisers and determine whether or not they’d be a fit for college advertising. Last but not least, we focused on the “discovery questions” portion of our training guide. Discovery questions are incredibly important because they help us identify which advertising options could help local businesses.

After our classroom session, we walked to High Street and started meeting with local businesses. This is a very hands-on component of training that allows students to practice their sales pitches and generate leads. The students excelled in this part of training and entered businesses with confidence. I was incredibly proud of this group for having some great conversations with potential advertisers. After I returned from my trip, one student had already sold an advertising package with a local business! I’m confident these students will keep up the good work and bring some new advertisers to The Lantern this spring!