Local Advertising Sales Training at Virginia Tech

After I returned from Ohio State, it wasn’t long before I packed my bags for a campus visit to Virginia Tech! On February 29th, my colleague Amanda and I traveled to Blacksburg, VA for sales training with three Student Sales Representatives for the student newspaper, the Collegiate Times. We were so excited for this training because two of our new reps are selling local advertising as part of a sales course with Professor Brian Collins.


Before the training, Amanda and I met with Professor Brian Collins: a seasoned sales professional and a wicked cool guy. Based on his experience, Professor Collins believes students should get some applicable sales practice before applying to jobs, especially if they’re interested in a sales career. Since our program provides students with real world experience, Professor Collins is excited to partner with us and help coach the students through their sales endeavors with the Collegiate Times.

After chatting with Professor Collins, we met with our Collegiate Times sales team and began reviewing our sales manual. We discussed a variety of techniques for door-to-door sales including how to generate and qualify leads, ask discovery questions, respond to objections and create proposals from a media kit. The students were awesome during this portion of the training and asked so many great questions. We loved their enthusiasm!

After sales manual training, we walked to College Avenue and met with local businesses. The students quickly identified why some of these businesses would be qualified to advertise in the Collegiate Times. Although they were a little nervous at first, our new reps finished door-to-door training with increasing confidence. They even made a group text message to help each other with sales! With this much enthusiasm for their new roles, I am confident they will bring some new advertisers to the Collegiate Times this spring!