Student Brand and Media Behavior Survey

Mediamate news

In the spring of 2017, MediaMate administered an online survey with the intent of discovering how college students interact with brands and media. The students' insight is invaluable to the development not only of MediaMate, but to the broader community looking to target the college market, as well!

MediaMate was fortunate to receive responses from over 500 students from all across the country (544 students to be exact!). Although the survey was open to students of all ages, only those between the age of 18 to 24 were considered. This totaled approximately 96% of respondents. The remaining 4% of respondents were not included in the survey analysis.

Using the data collected, MediaMate created a comprehensive report to better understand the behavioral tendencies of the college market. This information is important for advertisers and brands who wish to develop more meaningful relationships with the target market. Despite its depth, however, this survey is not conclusive. There is still much to be learned about advertising to the elusive college market. However, MediaMate is confident that the results in the report will serve as a base study for similar surveys and reports in the future!

If you wish to receive a complimentary copy of the report, or if you have further questions regarding the data summarized in the report, please contact MediaMate by phone at 888-897-7711 or by email at