An Event in Review: Office Day

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  Some of the MediaMate team enjoying the sun at the company's annual "Office Day."

Some of the MediaMate team enjoying the sun at the company's annual "Office Day."

One of the most cherished traditions at MediaMate is the company’s annual “Office Day” which takes place every July. Year-to-year the location of the outing varies, but the goal is always the same - to build a cohesive office environment and test each employees’ competitive spirit! This year, Office Day was held on July 20, 2017 at Salisbury Beach in Salisbury, Massachusetts! The team arrived at the beach early in the morning and were immediately invited to compete in a series of games and activities. The staff was divided into two teams - interns versus full-time employees. Who do you think came out on top? Read on to find out!

The first activity the MM team was asked to complete was a thirty minute sand castle competition. Each group was instructed to create the most impressive (and realistic) sand structure that they could envision. Both of the teams opted to create a 3-dimensional mermaid in the sand using the resources available at the beach - seaweed, sea shells and the like! While both structures were impressive, the interns narrowly beat out the full-time staffers with their innovative use of one intern, Sam, as the base for their mermaid.

The intern team with their prize-winning sand structure.


Some of MediaMate's full-time staff with their sand structure.

Next came the kite-flying competition. Each team had fifteen minutes to fly their respective kites for the longest duration of time. Despite the apparent simplicity of this task, the lack of wind that day made this activity much more challenging than both teams had anticipated! However, the intern team found a way to skillfully navigate their kite despite the weather conditions and they took home the gold for this challenge, as well!

Lastly, both teams engaged in a game involving buckets filled with water and beach balls. The objective of this task was simple - the beach balls were to be thrown towards the buckets that were each worth a different point value based on their relative location. The first team to get to 50 points won. Which team won this challenge? Drum roll please…… the interns! The final score of the game was 52-25, a close, but decisive victory.

The MM team finished out their day with lunch at Brown’s, a seafood restaurant not too far from the beach, where the group indulged in fried shrimp, steamers and lobster rolls. Overall, the team had an enjoyable, fun-filled day beneath the hot summer rays!