OSU Bye Bye Buckeye Package 3

OSU Bye Bye Buckeye Package 3


Congratulatory Message(double the size!), T-Shirt, Mug, Car Deal, License Plate Frame

Cost: $495


  • 6.5” W x 6.0” H Congratulations Message in The Lantern Commencement Issue, official student newspaper of OSU

  • Alumni T-shirt

  • Newspaper shipped to your graduate

  • Alumni Mug

  • Alumni Car Decal

  • Alumni License Plate Frame

Additional Information:

  • Deadline April 17, 2018
  • Include up to 60 words and one image of your graduating senior

  • Includes 2 copies of The Lantern Commencement Issue (1 mailed to the student and 1 to the family.  Additional copies $10 each)

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