MediaMate is General Sales Manager for The Lantern, student newspaper at The Ohio State University.

• Ad placements                   • Tear Sheets                       • Billing                              • Software
• Media Kits                            • Distribution                      • Collections                    • Consistency
• Sales                                       • Printing                              • Training                          • Reputation

Why MediaMate?

  • Doubled sales of "Buckeye Bound"
  • Launched new special issues - generated $40,079
  • Transitioned classifieds to online format - generated $30,577
  • Introduced Twitter and mobile advertising - generated $10,490
  • Average collection time of 2 days
  • Collections rate of 99.9%
  • Cloud-based order processing, accounting, e-mail newsletters, and CRM software
  • Increased operating efficiencies
  • Adjusted distribution to increase pick-up rates
  • Reduced printing and mailing cost of "Buckeye Bound" by 50%
  • Implemented structured training program to teach students

Here's what The Ohio State had to say...

When it comes to the business of the Lantern, MediaMate is a great partner and resource.
— Spencer Hunt, Advisor, The Lantern
I would definitely recommend MediaMate to another school or publication
— EIC, The Ohio State Lantern
We quickly gained a high level of trust...We look forward to continuing this partnership.
— Melanie Yutzy, Administrative Manager, The Lantern
The Monday meetings and in person trainings are helpful.
— Brittany Edwards, Student Sales Rep, The Lantern
It’s beneficial for me to work with students who are my age and in my program.
— Krista Bliumentis, Student Sales Rep, The Lantern
We’re learning real world applicable skills that I can carry with me through my career.
— Devin Getz, Student Sales Rep, The Lantern

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