Time-saving, easy, fast, and reliable.  That's how our customers have described us.  We work hard to understand your goals for advertising on campus and make your experience as seamless as possible.

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Long-Term sponsorships

What’s the lifetime value of a customer worth to you?

When you consistently promote your business , you establish your name and reputation as a trusted provider.  That’s what we call building brand loyalty and developing customers for life.  

It can be challenging for brands to work with different markets since every market/media is different and there is so much time and effort involved.  It’s difficult to even know who to call and where to start.  

That’s where we come in.  MediaMate works on your behalf to develop and manage long-term sponsorship campaigns.  Options may include event sponsorships, social media, signage, or anything else that could be effective.  We also incorporate metrics to measure ROI (Return on Investment) to ensure your campaign is effective.  Once you select your sponsorship options, MediaMate will execute the campaign for you.  We’ll make all the phone calls for you, manage all the contracts, insurance forms, purchase orders, and day-of-event coordination for you.

We really appreciate the partnership we’ve created with MediaMate. They’ve helped us establish a strong connection with the students at our local universities. Amanda and her team have helped us organize successful activations on various campuses and thanks to this partnership, we’ve been able to strengthen the Toyota brand throughout Southern California.
— Davis Elen Advertising

I have found that MediaMate brings a great deal of professionalism to the ad agency buyer on behalf of clients looking to reach the college student audience. Production, closing dates, rates and audience data is provided in a timely manner, making it easy to plan for execute a buy for college newspaper. Staff is always accessible for questions, plus they provide timely reminders regarding ad closing dates, so that ads are never missed!
— Jude Workman, MediaWorks