Publication Services: Student Education

Running a newspaper requires more than journalism skills. We believe that every student can benefit from understanding the business challenges behind a well-run publication, from cash flow to recruitment and all the other 'behind the scenes' activities that allows journalists to reach their readers.

We offer a variety of training services designed to teach students the skills they need to run a successful publication.

In-Person Sales Training

One of our professional staff will come to your doorstep to meet with the newspaper sales staff in person. We'll make sure your staff knows the importance of a well-designed media kit and pricing options for their potential advertisers. We'll teach them a variety of sales techniques designed to bring in local advertisers as well as recognized brands. Finally, we'll take them out into the community to practice their techniques and bring in advertisers for your digital and print publications.


Telephone Consultations

Need someone to walk through the basics with you over the phone? Your account manager can spend some time talking with you about the basics of creating a great media kit, setting the right pricing options, sales techniques to bring advertisers to your publication, and managing your cash flow efficiently. 


Online Resources

We have a variety of resources available for you online, from our monthly newsletter and webinars to email consulting. Our online education is free and designed to provide insights and tips as  you design your advertising programs for all of your digital and print publications.


Round Tables and Seminars

Every semester, MediaMate hosts a gathering for college students and administrators. Our goal is to not only share information from our staff but also to facilitate conversations between students and administrators across a variety of schools. Keep an eye on our College Resources page for upcoming events.

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