what Our Customers Say about us

I would definitely recommend MediaMate to another school or publication
— EIC, The Ohio State Lantern
MediaMate is able to handle a great deal of business that goes on in newspapers for us and that allows us here to focus on what we’re trying to do, which is do good journalism and teach good journalism. That’s the goal [of the paper] and I’m happy we’re able to get that done. My job as an advisor is to advise students on how to grow and develop their skills as journalists and the paper is a great open platform for that. When it comes to the business of the Lantern, MediaMate is a great partner and resource.
— Spencer Hunt, Advisor, The Lantern
We quickly gained a high level of trust. MediaMate is very responsive and The Lantern’s wellbeing is clearly a high priority and taken very seriously. If there are issues, they are resolved quickly and effectively. There is definitely a high level of passion and commitment to the relationship. We’ve very much appreciated MediaMate’s efforts on the Lantern’s behalf and look forward to continuing this partnership.
— Melanie Yutzy, Administrative Manager, The Lantern
The Monday meetings and in person trainings are helpful. They’ve prepared me a lot to be a sales rep! Nancy gives packets and weekly quizzes to reiterate trainings so we’re are not alone in our sales or left in the dark.
— Brittany Edwards, Student Sales Rep, The Lantern

Customer service with staff has been wonderful — MediaMate really has a vested interest in our success. The mission of MediaMate, I mean you guys, you really care about college papers. Knowing that somebody is on our side to succeed has been a huge boost in confidence, not just for me, but for the students and Elliott as well. We feel like MediaMate as a part in the success because they have helped reshape the Collegiate Times and keep it alive and profitable.
— Kiley Thompson, EMCVT General Manager, The Collegiate Times
Thank you so much for the great [sales] training. I learned more from you and Amanda in a few hours than from semesters of sales courses at school.
— Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech,

MediaMate makes the business side of the newspaper absolutely simple for our school, so that we can concentrate on journalism. That’s exactly what we want and that’s what we get.
— NCC Voice, Norwalk Community College

MediaMate’s training has helped our paper out so much. Their professional sales team trains our amateur sales reps. so we know what to expect, how to combat objections, customer relations, and everything from approaching the client to closing the ad. Our sales team has gained confidence, experience, and continued local business.
— Pipe Dream, Binghamton University

MediaMate is invaluable to a small newspaper with limited staff. They take care of everything, from sales to collection. And they are so responsive — I never have a problem getting in touch with someone. Any time I have asked for information, they’ve delivered it promptly.
— The Setonian, Seton Hall University

The friendly staff at MediaMate is a pleasure to work with. They will tailor their services to your needs. They understand the conflicts and problems of college newspapers as many of their staff worked for their own college publications. Training and onsite visits have been invaluable to our staff members whether to give marketing tips, strategies or just to brainstorm new ideas. The students get to personally know their account manager making them more apt to pick up the phone to reach out to them to resolve any problems or issues that arise which results in a more smoothly run organization.
— The Daily Campus, University of Connecticut

For a community college with a very limited staff and high turnover of staff, MediaMate has been a godsend... I highly recommend MediaMate.
— The Communitarian, Delaware County Community College

MediaMate has allowed us to be more efficient with advertising. Consistency is the best thing about their service. Did your students ever place ads in the paper and those ads never got paid? Chances are yes! The students don’t give all the right information to advertisers or collect the right information from them. Students will believe most things that advertisers say, and they don’t run credit reports or get pre-payment. They take bad personal checks sometimes, too. With MediaMate there is no chasing for ad revenue. They collect! MediaMate’s other great benefits are that it frees up the students’ time to do other things on the paper and get experience.
— The Mass Media, UMass Boston

It has been a pleasure working with MediaMate this year. They are always easily accessible and if I have any questions or problems they are there. I have more time to work on other projects because MediaMate handles the advertising. Thank you so much!
— Seawanhaka, Long Island University, Brooklyn

The people I have talked to are accommodating, friendly, easily reachable and are quick to response to any and all inquiries raised.
— LaVoz, De Anza College

It has been a pleasure working with MediaMate! Their representatives are very friendly, helpful, and reliable.
— Hawks’ Herald, Roger Williams University

My experience with MediaMate has been very positive. The sales staff is very helpful and willing to take the time to explain things and answer my questions.
— The Forum, Community College of Allegheny - South Campus

MediaMate provides a great ad management service. The staff are really helpful, If there are ever any problems or questions, the staff responds quickly and takes care of them.
— The Stute, Stevens Institute of Technology