MediaMate is hired by the agency of record for Toyota to manage on-campus activations for the Southern California dealerships.

Why MediaMate?

  • The agency of record found it extremely difficult to work with the schools while trying to conduct promotional activities, so they hired MediaMate to professionally manage on campus activations
  • Campaign started at one University and expanded to eight others with MediaMate's help
  • Researched and established contacts at each California State University Toyota was interested in, and maintained relationships with those contacts
  • Traveled to California to meet with each University to explain sponsorship and learn more about the opportunities on each campus
  • Qualified events that were not already sponsored by a local dealership based on size, attendance, and ability to to accommodate Toyota's display
  • MediaMate arranged for event sponsorship: signage on campus, sponsoring the school's social media channels, student surveys
  • Resolved unique issues with coordination and set up at events
  • Provided surveys yearly
  • Toyota has repeated the partnership for five straight years


Everything has gone seamlessly.
— California State University, San Bernardino on Toyota attending events on campus
They are great to partner with on events.
— California State University, Bakersfield on Toyota attending events on campus
I can’t imagine the process being easier than it is now! Doing a great job for us, thank you.
— California State Polytechnic University, Pomona on Toyota attending events on campus
We really appreciate the partnership we’ve created with MediaMate. They’ve helped us establish a strong connection with the students at our local universities...we’ve been able to strengthen the Toyota brand through Southern California.
— Davis Elen Advertising


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