MediaMate is the General Sales Manager for The Collegiate Times, the student newspaper at Virginia Tech.

• Ad placements                     • Tear Sheets                          • Software                           
• Media Kits                              • Billing                                     • Payroll
• Sales                                        • Collections                           • Consistency                   

Why MediaMate?

  • Increased sales of "Tech Fundamentals" by 602%
  • Increased sales of "Collegiate Living" by 245%
  • Promoted new special issues - generated $27,041
  • Introduced social media advertising - generated $8,700 in first quarter of sales
  • Average collection time of 11 days
  • 99% collections rate
  • Cleared up $14,249 in overdue receivables left from previous staff
  • Implemented a sales practicum with the Pamplin College of Business
  • Established a structured student training program
  • Introduced cloud-based order processing, accounting, and CRM software
  • Maintained ad volume with reduced printing

Here's what Virginia Tech had to say...

MediaMate helped reshape the Collegiate Times and keep it alive and profitable.
— Kiley Thompson, General Manager, The Collegiate Times
We found great partners in MediaMate.
— Elliott Gordon, President of the Board, The Collegiate Times

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