Building a Long-Term, Sustainable Newspaper


We've all sat around conference room tables and talked about challenges in the newspaper industry.  Ad revenues are declining, costs are climbing, and we're trying to monetize digital.

So what can be done?  A lot of great ideas have been discussed, but no one has really solved the problem....until now.  At MediaMate, we believe we have figured out a comprehensive program for long-term sustainability.  Our methodology centers around alternative revenue generation, monetizing digital media, cost control, and financial planning.  We don't just dream up ideas, we execute them and generate results.  We pride ourselves on our performance, reputation, consistency, and transparency.

We offer:

  • Long-Term Sustainability
  • Consistent Process
  • Monetizing Digital Media
  • Cost Control
  • Systems and Software
  • Alternative Revenue Generation
  • Student Education & Experience
  • Community

MediaMate's Menu of Services

Professional Ad Management

  • Streamlined ad booking
  • Proprietary software

Sales & Marketing

  • Create customized sales & marketing strategy
  • Email blast marketing
  • Special issue strategy
  • Grow existing book of business
  • New product development
  • Maximize all media
  • Update Media Kit each year

Billing & Collections

  • MM responsible for all collections
  • 99.96% collections rate
  • Customer credit review
  • Printer drop-ships tear-sheets to MM
  • Generates invoices and ships to advertisers
  • Schedules make-goods


  • Implemented and managed by MediaMate
  • POPS (Publication Order Processing Software)
  • Zoho CRM

Account & Finance

  • Transparency
  • Budget-to-actual reporting for each board meeting
  • Manage cash flow
  • Track accounts receivable year-to-year
  • Annual budget

Graphic Design

  • Ad design and resizing
  • Pre-flight and place all advertisements

Printing & Distribution

  • Review publication calendar, frequency, and circulation
  • Obtain vendor bids - reduce fixed costs
  • Manage production costs (no. pages, editions ,color)
  • Track pick-up rates, adjust distribution locations as needed
  • Monitor print quality & address any issues with printer


  • MM arranges payroll relationship with Paychex (volume discounts)
  • Online reporting, W2’s, payroll taxes, 1099’s
  • Comply with all local, state, and federal laws
  • Ensure workers’ comp plan in place

Vendor Contracts

  • Maintain organized binder of contracts with third parties
  • Notify board of any upcoming expiration or re-negotiation period and make recommendations
  • Manage day-to-day relationships with vendors

Student Education

  • Internship Program
    • MM hires, trains, and manages students
    • Programs in sales, graphic design, and business management
    • Learning objectives & accountability
    • Grant credits if possible
I wouldn’t change any experience I have had with MediaMate. I know working with the University is not easy, especially when taking into account all the red tape, but MediaMate has stuck with us and we are grateful for their hard work and patience.
— The Daily Collegian, University of Massachusetts Amherst